Pgm Smart Pattern & Grading System

Pgm Smart Pattern :
Pattern Design System (PDS) applies the standard Windows icons, exposing users to the maxium operation interface and convenient tool choice. The removable hidden toolbar and dialog box make you easy to create personal work interface. The combination of icon tools and hotkeys maximize the working efficiency. Flexible and various pattern design function make it convenient to design in PDS and digitize the pattern into software by a digitizer. Special file backup: the automatic backup function could help you to retrive the original file even sudden power off and computer crush happen

Pgm Smart Grading Module :
One of the most efficient modules. The grading module only takes about 10 minutes to complete the grading task which needs 4 to 5 hours by manual operation, improving efficiency several-dozon times. Pgm Grading Module possesses various grading modes, grading by point, grading by angle, and so on. It could not only grade for every grading point, but also copu the grading value to other point. The system can automatically identify the grading direction accouding to the location of the grading point.